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Your toys

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So, whaddya local boys got or gonna get?
I've got an 85 Rc. 318/727/208. Currently 0 lift and 31's. Gonna be 4 inch lift with 35's with plenty of little doo dads. Also have a 90 olds cutlass, the silver bullet...76 glasstron speedboat and a 95 polaris sl 750 jetski.. ;D Not bad for only being 19...
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91powerram, u wouldn't be interested in my '77 PW would u? it's in classifieds and i have pics. to e-mail. body is pretty good, only minor spot or two to fix.
i listed my vehicles on open board in recent thread but my '73 CCsb has 440/auto. with 39's(had 44's) soon as i get my D60 rebuilt it will be in there. body has only 50,000 on it, and even the carpet looks new. my other vehicles are pretty much stock.
well the tires are bald, and front-end sheetmetal is off right now and have a D60 for front. it's got 3" body lift so the 2wd cab would clear transfer case and i cut the fenderwells some to clear the 44's when they were on, so come on up and shoot me an offer. i need to raise some cash to build a shop and we are having a baby in april. i havn't advertised this rig cause nobody biting on the other two i have for sale
thanx, seems the baby is hell of alot easier/quicker than the shop will be.
the D60 i picked up last year to put in clubcab, but am waiting to afford a locker before i put the axle in truck, so it's not for sale, in fact i need another as i'm going to build a crewcab cummins. she also won't drive a mini-van, and we will need more doors soon so i talked her into building a crewcab, so if anybody knows of a donor cummins truck around '92-'93 with 5-spd let me know, even 2wd will work
1 - 3 of 8 Posts
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