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World of Outlaws - Manzanita Fri & Sat

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I was just wondering if anyone was planning on going to see the WoO this weekend. I was debating whether or not to go, but I would probably be going by myself - no fun in that. If you have never seen them, you have to go see them at least once in your lifetime!!!! Here is a link to the track website:

Would like to get some people up there to get all dusty and whoop and holler like a true hillbilly!! (oh, and maybe throw down a beer or two)
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i wanna go!

whats the fee to get in? *counts pennys*
My helper at work lives right next to the track and he even has bleachers on the roof of his house, I'll see if I can see anyone in the track when I'm at his house. He was telling me that when they where their doing their test and tune that they where doing the half mile in less than 23 seconds. Doing a little math, that's about 120 in the turns ( 1 mile = 60 seconds )
Yeah they fly should around there, it will be awesome. Tickets are $25 and will probably sell out, so if we are gonna go we should get tickets before hand. Or if it works with Duffy's buddy then that would be cool too. Keep me updated on if you guys are planning on going. I haven't seen them in a few years and I can't wait!!!
;DJust called and got my tickets waiting at will call. Thanks for the heads up on the WOO being in town Ryan, hadn't even heard about it.
i dont think i'm gonna be able to make it guys, maybe next time
thanks for the heads up though ryan
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