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Wont turn over

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Okay, I need a bit of a reality check. I just changed out my manifold and put on a e-brock 1406. Hooked everything back up...minus a few obscurities (EGR...who needs a stinking EGR) Anyway, when I go to start it up, it turns but doesn't catch.
It is an 86 318 with ESA. I have spark at the coil (w 12V on + and -), I took the fuel line off and when the engine is cranking it spurts fuel (really, it spurts..not sure if it should flow). My PCV hose broke in the change-over which I haven't replaced, but I don't think that should stop the truck from starting. It will start to run , but as soon as I let off hte key...she stops. Any ideas from the guru's???
Thanks in advance.
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Check for squirt from the accelerator pump. Check all vacuum ports on carb, and any previous EGR connections. Is the carb new out of the box? If so, it should be close but you never know whats up untill you verify the initial settings. I'm kind of stuck in the 70's and unfamiliar with your 86'.
You said the idle is too high "even with the screws tight"? The curb idle screw near the linkage is unscrewed or loosened to bring the idle down. The idle air screws should be turned all the way in gently, then opened about one and a half turns. Once you get the idle down, turn the idle air screw (or screws) in until it starts to run rough then back them out about a quarter turn - this should be close. Also check your throttle cable and make sure it isn't too tight before you do anything.

Once it's warmed up, make sure it comes off the fast idle cam. But to really dial in a carb, you need a book that gets into detail about the operation of your particular carb.
1 - 2 of 6 Posts
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