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Ok, 1990 4x4 RC 318, A518

Ran fine yesterday. Won't start this AM. Just turns over.

Got codes 37 and 51. It flashed 51 twice.

51 makes sense to's for a lean fuel/air condition. I can deal with that.

37 makes no sense. According to the fsm, it means "an open or shorted circuit detected in the torque converter part throttle unlock circuit. ENGINE PACKAGES WITH A-999 or A-500 AUTOMATIC TRANSMISSIONS ONLY" (caps mine)

According to the fsm, only the A-500 has a lock-up solenoid. The fsm says A-500s were used in 3.9s and 5.2s that year. A-518s were used in 5.2s and 5.9s. According to the sheet under the hood, this RC has the A-518.

Now, I have been having some problems with the tranny shuddering, especially upon shifting into 2nd or 3rd (I drive with OD off). Also shuddering when slowing down, kinda like the tranny won't shift down. It doesn't have a lot of acceleration (which I figured was due to what ever tranny problem it had). I wonder if there's any chance that there is a lock up converter in this truck and that's what my problem has been all along.

Does anyone know for certain if the A-518 has a lock-up converter?

Any thoughts or suggestions?


Edit: Just found this in the fsm about lock-up converters. The
A-999 has a lock-up converter, the A-727 doesn't. the A-500 front section is a modified A-999. The A-518 front section is a modified A-727.....if a=b and b=c, then a 518 has no lock-up, right?

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Right. The computer is giving the code 37 because the circuit isn't there. I have a perpetual 37 with my '89 with the 727 also...
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