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Window seals

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Has anyone ever replaced their window seals. Mine are needing one kinda bad the other real bad. I've been looking at the stuff in J.C. Whitney. Just wondering how hard it is and is there anything I should watch out for.
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I used the anti rattle strips from JC Whitney on my '87. They work but could use some improving. The rear curve (at the back of the window door frame) is not right and the clips should have been attached lower on the strip. Like I said they work though.

As far as installing goes roll the window down as far as it will go and peer inside the door, you will see the tabs the clips attach to. It wont be easy to get all of them clipped in. The proper (read long and major operation) is to remove your door trim panel and remove the lower bump stop for the window and then roll it down so it drops below the top edge of the door opening. This will give you much more room to get those strips in. The problem is you will have to drill out the rivets used to attach the bump stop support. They come out easy as they are aluminum, then replace with 1/4 stainless bolts with washers and lock washers.


1 - 1 of 8 Posts
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