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it's been awhile...I don't think so. The track for the regulator wheels were just a little off-- you can check this ahead of time by pulling the access panel off and measuring. I believe that I got around this by putting in the regulator from the 72 truck with the 72 glass in the 84 door. One more thing is that the 72 glass was thicker so the window track on the 84 was thinner.
It did work but it was a struggle and it looked so easy at first.

I stand by my yes on the fact that I own both a 79 and a 88 and when some punks smahsed the window out of my 88 I borrowed the window out of the 79 until I could find new glass since my 88 is my daily driver and it was winter. There are a couple of things differnt between the trucks like the 88 has power windows and the 79 has hand cranks the 79 also had bolts that hold the widow track in while the 88 has rivets but those were the only differences between my two trucks but the windows fit just fine. If you want to get down to it the windshields are the same as well. you could also call a glass store and have them check the nag book to be sure. Any time I offer an answer to someones questions I am answering from my own personal experience based on what I have learned from my two vehicles.
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