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Will a 16.1" tire fit on a 16" wheel?

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I have heard that 16.5" tires will fit a 16" wheel, but claim it isn't safe, even though they fit and air up with no leaks.

So I assume a 16.1" tire will fit a 16" wheel, but would it be safe? What about a 16" beadlock, seeing that the safety bead is no longer used on the outside portion of the wheel (the tire mounts outside the rim and is clamped down by the beadlock). What about for trail only use?
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16.1 is for heavy machinery, farm equipment, etc. So on a 16.1" tire there will only be a .05" on difference then a 16" tire, I wonder how true 16" tire is in the first place? There has to be a tolerance of error, maybe 16" tires are often actually 16.1" or 16.2" at times?

I wouldn't put a 16.5 tire on a 16" wheel either, I just have heard they do fit and they do air up with no leaks. 16.1 is very close to a 16 inch wheel, just curious if it would be safe to do that for offroading purposes. My rig is trail only. I can get very aggressive large tires for cheap in the 16.1 size.
Evildriver-3 said:
Yeah you can get a 16 on a 16.5 and a 16.5 on a 16 in both cases you stand a good chance losing your arm seating the bead
Yes Marty, it was clearly explained it was possible, question is will a 16.1 tire fit safely on a 16" wheel :)
hmm, this should not be a problem on a beadlock wheel then. Well maybe, on a normal beadlock wheel the outer side of the tire sit outside the wheel, therefore safety bead matching doesn't matter. The beadlock ring bolts to the wheel, basically sandwiching the tire between the beadlock ring and the outside of the wheel. But the inner side of the tire does sit in the stock safety bead are of the wheel.

However, a double beadlock wheel does not have a safety bead at all. It is bascially a wheel that is cut in half, with flat mounting areas for the tire. A beadlock sits inside of the tire and the two pieces of the wheel bolt together, sandwiching both sides of the tires between the rim pieces and the inner beadlock. I think a 16.1 tire on a double beadlock wheel would be safe.
Evildriver-3 said:
Your gonna run bobcat and skid loader/skid steer tires? why?
I never said I was gonna run them, was just curious. The tires I found have super aggressive tread, much like a bogger with a nice height and width for cheap, like 165 bucks a tire new. They were about 38" or 40" tall by 16" or so wide.

I know for a fact they would be good mud tires, just not sure about rocks and stuff. The lugs are so deep I don't see why not. I don't think these were made for a skid loader, unless people use skid or frontend loaders in the mud or off pavement. The lugs were about 3" deep, I don't see the bogger design with 3" deep lugs making good traction on slick concrete.
Not sure what they are for, but they don't look like those. They are way more aggressive, actually look like a mud tire. The same place also has Denman ground hawgs for the 16.1 wheel. They are the exact same ground hawgs you buy for your truck, but they have the same use as the other tires.
nobody said that 16.5 tires should go on 16" wheels, or vice versa, we already know that is a bad idea. A double beadlock wheel has no safety bead, so there is no lip to ruin. My application is on my trail rig, sees about 20 ft of pavement on every trip, if that. It is trailered to and from the trails. Max speed it will ever see is maybe 25 mph, probably never over 10 mph unless I am doing a mud drag.
I have 1 ton axles, so I need 8x6.5 lug pattern. I am just going to go with 39.5 boggers on 15" beadlocks.
manic_mechanic said:
sam those tires u r lookin at are tractor tires from a frontwheel assist tractor or the rears from a combine. they will work fine for off-road purposes but will not mount up on pickup wheels. have the tire shop or any agricultural machinery dealer order u the 16.1" wheels but get them blank(no holes) then drill them yourself. the 8hole agricultural wheels will not bolt up to 8hole automotive axles. i'm doing the same for my clubcab. the tires must still be rated for the weight you are putting on them
hmm, looks like you brought my idea back from the dead :) For 165 bucks a tire being 40" tall and about 16" wide, that isn't bad, can get two for the price of 1 39.5 bogger :)

The problem is I want to run beadlocks. But I did find a place that sells the 16.1 beadlock rings, both the wheel side and lock ring.
BFG's aren't exactly the best for mud. Since I do all types of offroading, I sure don't want to be stuck when all the sissy jeeps running 30" swampers are driving around me in circles just wishing their rigs were able to pull me out.

This will be made very evident at Ram Jam :) I have never had a problem with my heavy truck running heavy tires and heavy wheels. It's not like I run the 1/4 mile or anything with it.
lol, I have hydro assist to turn my big heavy tires and wheels in the rocks and mud. So Marty, exactly how much does your truck weigh? I bet it still weighs more then mine :) Even if it doesn't, I bet I toast you in the mud drags at Ram Jam, in my big heavy truck and all :)
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