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Wierd oil leak? and an exhaust ?

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My RC has been marking it's territory, and in my best effort to find the source, it looks like it is coming from the passenger exhaust manifold. I changed the valve cover gasket, the obvious solution...but it wasn't it. Anyone ever head of this? It's on an 86 318. I double checked the valve cover when I had my intake mani off. baffling me for sure.

I also am about to do my exhaust, Summit has a dual setup that exits in front of the rear tires with some headers and turbo muffs, I was just wondering if anyone has done this to their RC...and did it fit a 4x? $200 for headers back is a pretty good deal, just wasn't sure how it would fit under a 4x.
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Check where the oil filter spins on....behind the plate that holds the filter on is a round gasket that has to be leaking because there is no other oil source in that location on a small block........Ric www.jvxracing.con
Try the oil sending unit, most likely that's your problem.

When looking for an oil leak always start by cleaning the entire motor 1st then look.
yep, i bet it's the gasket behind the plate that is going bad. make sure you get the one from the dealer. the replacement ones sold by the parts houses are really poor quality. i went through three of em before i got one from the stealership. worked fine after that.

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