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Who's there?

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Hey all,

Thought it a good way to start the info flowing. Also looks bad if there are no posts under the heading.

Who are u, whadda drive, and where dya live? (Luv the slang ;))

I'm from Surrey, BC, and am a member in a local club which has been great. My truck is a 77 r/c, 318, 727, np203, 3.73 gears, 32" tires, some lift, and a bunch of custom doodads like cold air intake (aka low snorkel), dual batteries, electric fan...

What about YOU!!! :eek:

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So I take it the May long Kelowna mud bog is still the plan? I hate to be pushy, but I have to call my holidays real soon, or I'll get screwed over :-\ But hey, like I said before, I'm still open to ideas. Sure would be nice to get a good turnout too. BTW, I bring my fishing gear everywhere I go, so keep that in mind ;D

May long in kelowna sounds great ;D Fishin and muddin at its finest cant complain. Definately count me in. Dave
Ok, I called my holidays. I don't know if I'll be brining my RC down because she has a lot of work to do in the way of regaining a little of my trust :-\ But worst case scenario, I'll ride down in my Dad's 2002 1/2 ton. (No mudding in that pavement pounder though ;D)
Keep us posted Mechman.

I know there's more of us westerners here than this.

Well I don't see nothing for Saskathewan. I'm in Swift Current so I'm closser to Alberta. My name is Tom Leonard. I drive a '79 R/C with 360/auto; 3.55s;31s(was supposed to have 33s by now);4" body lift(made it myself) & new front floor-boards.

Whats the plan for a club? Canada, East vs. West or individual provinces?

E-mail me if you like. [email protected] or if i'm online (which I don't get to do much) feel free to IM me.

later. 8)
PurePleasure said:
PurePleasure said:
I am here in Alberta just east of Edmonton. I used to live in B.C. so I think the wheeling here in Alberta sucks and the muck is like snot. Hey I guess I am just not used to it yet. Hmmm and as for what I drive..... NO COMMENT LOL. Just say its not the RC and its not even a Dodge product but I am working read hard to make that happen. Just in the process of looking for a pre 80's RC.
Would love to drive down for RJ2003 but I guess we'll see what the future holds..........
a couple months later and I am now a pround new owner of a 76rc, needs alot of work but already started on it...its a runner with a 400 in it!!!!!!
Whatcha doin' to it??
So pure pleasure, what are you doing with it? Or are you no longer with the chapter?! :-\
Naples Florida 8) is the place to come for wheeling..Canada is the place to go to freeze your butt off ;D
oakroad8622 said:
Naples Florida 8) is the place to come for wheeling..Canada is the place to go to freeze your butt off ;D
At least the cold keeps the bugs, snakes, and other nasty critters to a minimum!! ;D
Hey guys just wanted to say hello,I was born here in calgary alberta lived in Prince George B.C for two years,and lived in kimberley B.C and got married there,now back in calgary again because of the work situation there I work at a large G.M. dealer as a mechanic.I would love to get together with some of you for a drive or metting of some sort,I'm affraid my truck is not much of a bogger as it is mainly stock:1985 r/c 4x4,318 2bbl,4spd,31" tires and runs like a top.If I had the cash I sure would like to lift it a bit or get some more power out of the old girl but now on dissability the futre dosnt look brite.Take care.

Looks like you hit two posts the same way at the same time Mike. Well welcome again and let's here from more of you. ;D
hey guys again didn't see this alberta chapters b4...but anyways i got a 78 r/c recently had a 383 dropped in it dual exh, 727(was looking for a std bellhousing but)4'' susp 35'' tires 3/4 running gear with 4:10's 208 t-case....few other lil things......and yup i'm in calgary ;D
Welcome Jay, Good to see some new folks on this chapter. Seems there is a lot of interest in Calgary.
Now that I can get to a computer again, welcome aboard. Your RC sounds good. Post any pics of it?
i haven't posted any on here last time i tried i couldn't...if ya seen a green r/c that fits the decription it's could e-mail pics if ya really want don't matter to me.....i don't have very many
i found a few pics that were on here.....mind you it shows you what it looks like with out the 4'' lift and 35's...and the motor aint so purdy anymore ;D;action=display;threadid=36408
The FAQ's has something for pics although I haven't tried as I have no pics.
Hi I'm Mike from Blackfalds i got a 1983 R/C its getting a 318. I bought with a blowen motor. It's got a 10" lift, 35" rubber, meaning 6"susp. 4" body. Its pretty cool and really wanting to sling the slop. It also has a custom fast back done with 40 below viynal (sp?) . Really cool captain buckets out of an astro van, very compfy. First 4x4 so it gonna be interesting and im up for the challenge. "Take your time going but hurry back"
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