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Who know's how to do body work?

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As some of you might know about the '70 Fury that I have. Well, the screwball that had it before me messed up everything that he touched on this thing. I've pretty much got it road worthy but the sheet metal between the rear window and the truck lid needs replaced because of the rust and the 2'" hole that's rusted through now. Who know's how to replace sheet metal and basicaly can do a good patch job? And about how much would this cost?
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I'll talk to my old man and see if he wants to go down and check it out. I found a body shop just down the road that the owner really likes mopars. I have to take it down to him to get an appraisal when I get it liscened, which should be this weekend, hopefully.
Hey, varmintj. I sent you an IM.
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