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Which springs should I use?

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Hey guys, just want some advice on what springs I should put in my truck. I have two sets, one I bought from some guy and the set in the truck now, which I think is a mix of stock leafs and maybe some add-a-leafs that wore out, I'm really not sure but right now it rides like crap, I'd like it to be a little smoother if possible. So, which set would
Set 1: 7 leaves (maybe 3 stock, 3 weird, and an overload leaf).

Set 2: 7 leaves (6 normal one overload). These are a stock spring pack, but I'm not sure if their from a 1/2, 3/4, or 1 ton.
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When you said your rc rides like crap, describe your ride and handling symptoms if you can so I can compare with mine. Thanks!
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