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Which springs should I use?

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Hey guys, just want some advice on what springs I should put in my truck. I have two sets, one I bought from some guy and the set in the truck now, which I think is a mix of stock leafs and maybe some add-a-leafs that wore out, I'm really not sure but right now it rides like crap, I'd like it to be a little smoother if possible. So, which set would
Set 1: 7 leaves (maybe 3 stock, 3 weird, and an overload leaf).

Set 2: 7 leaves (6 normal one overload). These are a stock spring pack, but I'm not sure if their from a 1/2, 3/4, or 1 ton.
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Just by the photos the leafs out of the truck look better, thinner tappers at the ends which might smooth out the ride but unless you know what spring rate they are your guess will be as good as mine. You might want to have a spring shop test the spring for rate and see what it comes out as or do some trial and error and mix both packs up picking the leaf's you feel are softer. Other wize stickem in if you don't like them switchem back.
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