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Hi I'm looking for any advice on what I can use to replace both quarter panels on my 85 dodge ramcharger. I live in Wisconsin so the rust has taken over I can find the floor,rockers, and even front fenders but everything from the doors back is a mystery. Will short bed bedsides work as replacements or is there anyone who makes fiberglass prerunner style quarters? I saw a build called ramstein on another sight does anyone know where that person got his fenders, I'm open to all suggestions please help

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Fenders you can find, even the fiberglass prerunner ones, but quarter panels no longer exist. There are fairly large pickup bed patch panels, but no full quarters. Due to the length and the body line differences, a pickup bedside will not work without a lot of labor and finishing. Similarly, there are prerunner bedsides, but they are the wrong dimensions for a Ramcharger, but since they are race pieces, they are very thin, made to "float" on mounts and not be incorporated into the stock body.

I found a passenger side rear quarter panel for my 85 RC, using a donor D 150 pickup at a local salvage yard.  I didn't want to buy a saws-all etc..  SO I bought a right handed, down ward - off set "aviation tin snips". This allows you to cut the sheet metal with your hand from above the panel.. I cut a horizontal line from rear to front, a little more than halfway from the bottom curve to the RC side glass chrome moulding. I used a hammer and metal chisel to bust the welds at the rear where the panel is fastened to the rear hatch frame.  I'm sure I used a hacksaw blade also, to make a vertical cut down to the wheel well.  Sorry I don't have pics this was about 15 years ago before I found this site. 
Also a indicated above this "pick up" quarter panel does not mate up to the RC underneath where the old panel curves under the body, where the original RC panel curved under. That's not much of a problem, I recall it only being a gap of about 4 inches. I used window sealant foam to seal up that cavity, to prevent water, moisture road crud ..debris from being kicked up inside that area from the right rear tire.
  I recently found a polyutherane type foam used to seal gaps in stone work used in water fountains. Haven't used it yet, It should seal up that area even better.  ALSO... I believe I could get a sheet of aluminum and pop rivet a patch panel in place.. but never got around to it..
It is not noticable unless you put up in the air on a lift. The above was necessary after another driver clipped my right rear buckling the right rear quarter panel. I also had to re construct the right rear lower corner of the fiberglass "hatch" which splintered from the impact and looked like the damaged end of a household straw broom.    My RT rear quarter was buckled in about 8 inches, but the clown who clipped me had his left front fender crushed in well past the center hub of his front wheel and had to be towed, which attests to the ruggedness of the RC.
P.S.  I took the quarter panel and RC to a local welding shop, (the welder disconnected the battery in my RC) before welding the body.
He said that the high amps of the welder can damage the electrical system. I wouldn't know,  but something you might consider. The welder tacked the panel and then fully welded the panel and also the rear section to the hatch opening.  No problems to date..
Good Luck....
P.S. I got under my RC and was amazed to see such little rust, I just filled the cavity with window foam. At the time it was my daily driver, so I made do. Now I am restoring it. The polyurethane foam image is attached too. I could have used that had I found it before the standard construction window foam. The gap between the replacement (salvaged) quarter panel is only about an inch and could easily be bridged by pop riveting a length of thin sheet metal. Before doing that I would lightly sand off the grime etc and coat the inner and exterior surfaces with Rustoleum rust converter, or rusty metal primer.  I pulled the excess foam off to reveal the light colored part, the remaining foam I believe I sprayed it with Rustoleum heavy metal primer.  Adding this to my list I will clean out that quick repair and do the above..for a nicer finish.      BTW:  re the thumbnails as shown below, when you click to open they will open up correctly..



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