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Where can I find this dolly?

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Hi everyone - hoping someone can help me. I have a '99 Dakota, and I have a dent in the back bumper, about the size of a quarter-dollar. The dent is pushed in about 1/2 to 3/4 of an inch. I bought a general purpose dolly, thinking it would be sufficient enough to use to pound out the dent. Unfortunately, since the dolly must be placed on the inside of the bumper, I can't get enough leverage to hit the dolly. I really need a dolly that is at least 4.5 to 5 inches in height (so it clears the edges of the bumper). Anyone know of a place I can get such a dolly? I've tried numerous auto/paint shops, Sears, auto body repair shops,, Harbor Freight, etc to no avail - all of the dollies are no more than 3 inches in height at best. Thanks for any info you can provide.....
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why dont u just take the bumper off and use the dolly u have?

I actually did take the bumper off, but b/c the dent is so close to the sides of the bumper, I really can't use the necessary force to hit the dolly. If my aim is off just a little, I may hit the side of the bumper. With a dolly that is larger, and higher (i.e 5 inches as opposed to 2.5), I'd be able to utilize a lot more force.....
yea removing the bumper is gonna make for the best results no matter what..... if its a chrome bumper chances are even done right your gonna end up with splitting in the chrome, ive found that with dents like that if you have acess to a press, putting flat steel with a rag around it on the face of the bumper and using the press to flatten the dent works wonders. i did this on my 89 and you cant even tell it was ever dented.....
ah, sorry. ur post made it seem like it was still on the truck. i agree with bill though, see if u could press it out.

Well, the good news is that the bumper isn't chrome, the bad news is that I don't have access to a press......any ideas as to what else I could use? Thanks.
hahahaha.....yeah, like a huge sledge-hammer the size of a pick. Actually, I have a 4lb sledge hammer, which I think would work if I had the right dolly.
they don't sell Dak bumpers where you live?
...they do, but I'm stubborn - I put this dent in my bumper, and I'm determined to get it out!
Is there anything at this location that would work. Are you near any bumper re-chrome shops? They could fix it.
Cut out the dent and install an aux back up light.
thats not to bad of an idea macario
I just want to say thanks to everyone who offered their advice.....I ended up getting a 36-inch sledgehammer to pound out the dent. I stacked two dollies on top of each other, one of which I placed in an old sock to prevent/limit scratching and chipping to the inside of my bumper, and I then of course placed the dollies on the dent. I then pounded away, and got the bumper back to being almost perfect. I plan on using some body filler to completely smooth it out so it looks like new again.
1 - 14 of 14 Posts
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