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Where can I find a spindle?

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I am still working on this 8-lug D-44 and I have found that I am going to have to replace one of the spindles. I have went to the part stores, and they can't get it. I called the dealership and they said that they can't go back that far(1973). I also went to the junkyard and they won't sell just the spindle they want to sell the whole axle. Will one off of a 1/2 ton D44 work? Would one off of a ford or a chevy be the same? Would one off of a '80-up be the same where maybe the dealership could look it up?
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Did you try a search on for a used spindle?
Andrew K said:
I just went to that site and I found a bunch for '74, but only a few for a '73. The ones for the '74 were cheaper. Are they the same spindle or did they change in '74.

That site runs off the same Hollander Parts Interchange Guides that the salvage yards use....I would assume the spindles would be the same 73/74 but you have to call the numbers listed and ask them.:)
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