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When the Kubota can't..

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The S-10 Tahoe can!!!!! Yesterday, we had to get the posts to the back of the property for my brother's turnout shed. He is building a new house and we are setting up his pasture. Only problem is, his driveway isn't in yet, (drainage problems) and we have had like 5" of rain in the last few days. So it is shitty out!!!! So, anyways, loading a trailer asn't an option, so, I opened up the ski rack on my Tahoe and tested it's capacity. Well, we overloaded it after the second 4x6 went on. So, what do we do??? Load another 6 beams on. The first run was 8 ea. 4"X6"x16' long. It was severely overloaded and it buckled the roof a little. I said piss on it, we're going back. so there we went, wheeling away. His pasture is about 1/2 mile :eek: back from the load point. It was fun!!! here's some misc. pics..

not much wood here, but it was the last load of the day, stuck here in 2wd.....

Only 5 beams on this load

Here is the Kubota 4WD tractor. It pulled me out once. I almost had to pull IT out. I was doing better with my tahoe than this thing was doing..... I had more horsepower though. Tractor is 31 horse, my tahoe is 37 horse... :p

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man u wouldnt have over loaded it if it wasnt a baby 4wheller, but fun non the less. wish my mom would let me romp on here 4wd sonoma once in a while
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