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Whats the best carb?

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I know, I know this was been up on site before, but this me.I have what i belive is a Holley(that i know for sure) model 5200(?) 2 BRL.
360 79' Mopar engine, what would the best carb be? i want to stick with two brl, for gas sake.. it would be on and off road, must-lee on road to get to school and back.... i would like to keep the holley brand but open to new things,

Price $0 - $300.
please enclose model number (if you can, help with knowing the right one from hunders of them) :-\

S.rockburn (soon NREMT 00000000) 8)
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The Truck Avenger is about $375. I'll ship my 670 Street Avenger to you for $275. But I will tell you that the Truck Avenger is better suited for heavy vehicles. Mine would do better in a small block car.
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