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Whats the best carb?

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I know, I know this was been up on site before, but this me.I have what i belive is a Holley(that i know for sure) model 5200(?) 2 BRL.
360 79' Mopar engine, what would the best carb be? i want to stick with two brl, for gas sake.. it would be on and off road, must-lee on road to get to school and back.... i would like to keep the holley brand but open to new things,

Price $0 - $300.
please enclose model number (if you can, help with knowing the right one from hunders of them) :-\

S.rockburn (soon NREMT 00000000) 8)
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i agree with jake on this, a 4 bbl due to having smaller primaries than a 2bbl will usually give you better mileage, as long as you stay out of the secondaries.

if you just have to stay with a 2bbl and are looking to stay with holly, i would reccomend their 500 cfm 2bbl. other than that most 2bbls are only going to flow about 350 cfm which just isnt really enough to realize the full potential of your truck

forget the local garage if you can. they would charge a couple of hundred dollars for it.

all it is, is 12 bolts and a few wire connections and a couple of hoses, can do it yourself in a couple of hours

1 - 2 of 12 Posts
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