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in order to make a better FAQ than the one i have made already, im taking a survey to see what tire and lift you run. but, i dont want "i run 4in lift and 35s," thats too easy. i want to know EVERYTHING.

heres what i want:

1) truck info. is it an RC or a truck? what kind of truck (reg cab long bed, crew cab short, 1ton, half ton, etc) and what year.

2) what axles are you running? please dont say stock, actually tell me what they are.

3) what size lift, and who made it. also, tell if you trimmed your fenders, and if u can give a rough estimate of how much.

4) what size tires, and what make. 36x14.50 r15 boggers is what im looking for, not just 36's M/T's

5) what size rim, and its backspacing.

6) what kind of off roading do you do? mud, rocks, trails, sand, all of it?

like i said, i want to know everything. you dont have to answer every question, but answer as many as you can. any other details you feel i need to know to make an accurate FAQ, please include them! i need as many people as possible to respond to this so i have a good amount of info.

Thanx guys and gals,
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1) Ramcharger
2) Dana 60's front and rear
3) 6" lift, front skyjacker springs, rear custom 3/4 elliptical setup, trimmed rear fenders
4) 36x12.50 Hummer tires
5) 16.5x10 wheels, not sure on back spacing
6) I do everything, but like rocks the most
1) 85 W350 Crew Cab
2) Front D60 / Rear D60
3) 3" Body 4" Syspension
4) 37x12.5 Super Swamper SSR's
5) 16x10 Mickey Tompson Classic Lock 4 1/4" BS
6) I try for a bit of all but alot or street & trails
This is what everything is so far, seems to be changing alot
1.85 Ramcharger
2.D44 front, 9 1/4 Rear, open 4.10's
3.Modified 4 inch RCC lift, fenders trimmed on front fenders a couple of inches by the bumper, 52 inch 1/2 ton rear springs up front, HD 3/4 ton 52 inch springs rear for a total of about 7 inches of suspension lift
4.3 inch body lift
5.35x12.50R15 Mickey Thompson Baja Claw Radials
6.15x10 Black Rockcrawlers unknown b/s
7. I like mud and trail riding on my personal trail(about 1.5 miles round trip)
A rear isn't gonna give you lift or effect lift , it doesn't matter if you got a D-70 or d-30 or a straight axle it isn't gonna effect lift,
so stock Dodge 350 crew
2" body lift
35 bfg's
16.5 x 9.75 x 5" BS
street,towing, trails, no water deeper than the hub, nothing to cause damage
some people say it does, some say it doest marty, so im asking just to make sure.

1) 75 Trailduster frame with home made roll bar in place of body, a 360/727/203 out of a 76RC, the 203case is actually out of a 79RC
2) front axle is a welded diff Dana 44 soon to have 4:88 gears
rear axle is a chrysler 8 3/4 welded diff with 4:88 gears, these axles are strong, light weight axles and are as good as , if not better than, a ford 9, I chose it over the 9 1/4 or dana 60 mostly for ground clearance purposes
3)I have about 5-6 inches of front lift, with 2-3 inch rancho leaf lift, and 4 inches of well placed steel between the frame and spring hangers, and home made front shock hoops that support my pro comp, 15 inch travel, shocks. The rear is undergoing mods to become a 1/4 eliptical with a Y bar to locate it correctly and will also get the long travel pro comp shocks.
After careful consideration, I trimmed/lifted the whole body off, and replaced it with pipe.
4)tires are 36x12.50x15 super swamper TSL radials on steel rims, I dunno back spacing , but they came off my 79RC
I really need 38's or 39.5's
5)I am planning a few new rims due to some rock rash and scuffs, for the new ones im having an idea for 3/16 in. round steel plates that will bolt on over the rim for protection, i will have to build them myself.
6)as for wheeling, it's Severe, Extreme, HardCore Rock Crawling, and i aint skeeered of a little rock rash
If i dont hear metal scraping on rock and snapping axle shafts, i aint wheeling hard enough.
I have done mud, sand, hills/trails and they cant raise the pucker factor like a good day on the rocks
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Actually Marty, the dana 60 front has bigger diameter tube and the spring pad is taller, so you get about 1" of lift when you swap out a dana 44 for a dana 60. That is also why the dana 60 and 70 trucks came with a smaller block in the back compared to the dana 44, since the tube is wider and the spring perches are thicker.

Also, the 1 ton axles pinion shafts stick out farther, so doing a 1/2 ton to 1 ton swap could mean shortening driveshafts.
My truck has factory 3" blocks actually it might be 4" (i'll measure it in the morning) in the rear on the 70 and the axle tube is like a 1/2" diff overall resulting in a whopping 1/4" difference from 44 to 70 since the shafts are centered in the tube, to be technical axle diameters are a d44 is 3" a front is 2.75", a d60 is 3.1" , a d70 is 3.6" so you have a 1/8 and 1/4 in from d44 to d70 in lift
Yes Marty, the diameter barely results in height, but the spring perches are where it comes from. Like I said, swapping a dana 60 out for a dana 44 in a RAMCHARGER you get about 1" in height, and the depth of the pinion yoke would require a shorter driveshaft if you do not lift the front.

1981 Dodge W150SE shortbox pick-up
Dana 60 front, 4:10's, Trac-Loc
Dana 60 rear, 4:10's, Detroit Locker, 35 spline axles, disc brakes
8" Superlift springs, all spring mounts custom, custom body mounts for 4" body lift with no spacers, total lift of 14"
15/39.5/16.5 TSL Super Swampers
16.5x9.75 rim, 4 1/2" backspace

Mostly extreme mud, some trail and rocks

1992ish Dodge W350LE longbox pick-up
2 1/2 ton Rockwell Toploaders
Detroit Lockers front & rear
48"x31"x20" Goodyear Super Terra Grips for play
20"x26" rim, 6" backspace
49"x21"x20" Super Swamper Iroks for really playing
20"x16" rim, 5" backspace
12" Superlift springs
6" dropped spring mounts
4" raised body mounts
W250 Cummins frame for extra height

Will be used for mud bogs when finished, driving over the odd car, parades etc.

1986 Ramcharger
Dana 44 front, open 9 1/4 rear, factory posi
stock suspension
31"x10"x15" BF Goodrich Longtrail tires, 15"x8" rim, what ever factory B/S is

used for plowing the driveway in the winter, hauling wood in the summer.

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1) 1978 RC

2) Dana 44's

3) Stock

4) 33x12.5R15

5) 15" rim 5inch b/s

6) mainly driving through the desert. softer sand and tumbleweeds.

In the next month or two will be cutting out the fenders and putting at least 35's on.
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1) '98 1500 Ram Quad Cab short bed
2) Dana 44 front, Chrysler 9.25" rear, 3.55 ratio
3) 3" Pro Comp (coil spacers in front, add-a-leaf and block in rear)
4) 305/70R16 Super Swamper SSR Radials
5) 16x10's w/ 4.5" back-space
6) beaches, high speed gravel, light mud, trails
1) 88 Ramcharger
2) D44 front, Chrysler 9.25" rear
3) stock
4) 32x11.5x15 BFG AT
5) 15x8 unkown backspacing
6) sand, trails (some minor rubbing when fully compressed and wheels turned)

Just a general thought: anyone if there is a way to measure backspace while the rim is mounted and if so, how? I think that would make it easier for people to answer that question also.
1. 86 RamCharger
2. 44/9.25
3. 2" Skyjacker, no trimming
4. 33X10.50 R15 (have had 12.50's, and soon will again) BFG AT's
5. 15x8, don't know backspacing.
6. Trails that moslty includes rock/slickrock, sand, dirt, rarely mud, Daily driver.
Santak you would have to measure from the face of the drum or disc hub where it is bolted to the rim and go to the rims edge
85 RC

2" lift via add-a-leaf springs

33x12.50 BFG T/A on 15x 9 inch rims. 51/4" backspace

No fender trimming, no problems with clearance unless I get
in a severe off-camber situation

9.25 rear, D44 front, 3:55 gears. LockRight in rear, front's open

Daily driver, mostly trails and rocks
1. 85 W 150
2. D44/9.25
3. Sagging stock springs
4. 31x10.5x15 BFG AT's
5. 15x8.5 w 5" backspace
6. Inner fenders have been eaten up by P.O., front corner of outer fender has been bent. Probably had at least 33's on it before.
7. Whatever I can find, desert, mud, hill climbing, trail running.

My springs are about an inch or so negative arch and I am pretty sure 33's would rub like crazy. I am probably going to add a set of rancho add a leafs for lift and go to 33's.
1992 rc le
4"susp lift not sure what kind came with 3/4ton axles with 4.10 gears for $300
9 1/4 rear dana 44 front
318magnum,a-518 auto,np 241 t-case
15x10 black spoke 4" backspace
35x1400x15 gumbo mudders
1/2 inch off front fenders in front of wheels for about 8" from the bottom up still rubs a little on the inner fender on the back side of the wheel well when flexing hard
any kind of 4xing i can do

just to through a ruffle in the mix of theories, I will list a couple of other RC's I have had and how they were uncommon.

1) 1984 Ramcharger

2) Dana 44 front, Corporate 9 1/4 rear

3) No lift, but non saggy stock springs

4) 33x12.5 BFG all terrains

5) 15x8 wheel, not sure on BS

6) Road, some trail

Did not hit fenders, even with light wheeling (never wheeled hardcore like that)

1) 1988 Ramcharger

2) Dana 44 HD front, Eaton 1 ton rear

3) Rough Country 4" front springs, modified hangers and shackles, rear was late model Dodge 1 ton springs, modified hangers and shackle flip, 10" suspension lift, 3" body lift, sledge hammer modified fenders

4) 40x17 Ground Hawgs

5) 16.5x14 wheel, not sure on BS

6) mud, sand, trails

Hit fenders still while flexed and turning untill I took a sledge to the fenders to make more room

1) 1988 Ramcharger

2) Dana 44 front, Corporate 9 1/4 rear

3) Rough Country 4" front springs, stock rear springs with 2 stock stacked blocks, 3" body lift

4) 33x12.50 BFG All Terrains

5) 15x10 wheel, not sure on BS

6) Mud, sand

Hit fenders still while flexed and turning.
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