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What should be there?

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My 1977 Dodge Powerwagon W100 318 2bbl, 4 speed was originally equipped with the federal emissions. When I bought the truck all of the emissions stuff had been removed and there is no emissions diagram under the hood. I need to pass California smog. What should be there???? I have gotten comflicting information. I went to 2 smog places and I was told to spend the extra $$$ and go to a referee station. I know some of you out there have a non-California model Dodge like mine.

Help please!!!

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After escaping So Cal in 1989 I haven't given it much thought. However, if they require you to come up to their original equip standards, you will need a smog pump and an egr valve. Out here, if it's 25+ years old - none of that matters. You might also need a catalytic converter, but all I have is the FSM for the 77' RC. If you think it would be the same, I will get all that info for you, but - pump, egr and converter pretty well sums it up. Have you tried a local Dealer? Some of the parts guys or even service manager might be a fan of your truck and will know right off what you have to do. If someone put fuel injection, i.e. a different engine in it, you might not be able to satisfy them. Another reason why I left...
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