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Hi guys,

I am haveing a bear of a time finding a hitch that will fit on my truck. I bought a "multifit" hitch made by reese, it said for 71' to 93' Dodge pickup. Simple enough right.....haha it could fit but the gastank is in the way, should of figured that.

So I took it back went somewhere else found one by Valley hitches still "multifit" but mostly for dodges and it said 74' to 83' T Dusters without skidplate. Thisone did fit after removing the tank sheild but it hung so low under the bumper I took it back also.

What kind of hitches do you guys have? I have the roll bumper not a step so just stickin a ball on it is out. If I cant find a solution quick I am gonna make my own. Help!

Thanks Bill

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Well, I used a hidden hitch for a 1 ton dually. It fit my truck just fine. In fact, I had to drill less holes in the frame than if it HAD been a dually. My hitch is a class V, so I ain't worried about it none.

When I put the 35 gal tank in with the skidplate, I had to modify the skid plate, but it all still fits....tight, but it fits.

If you go to the ramchargers section and look at trcm's truck, I think there are some pics of how I modified it. If not, I can send ya some.

It doesn't hang any lower than the skidplate, but I now have a 10,000 lb rated hitch (1,200 tongue weight) for extraction connections (1,400 / 14,000 weight distributing).

The hidden hitch part number is 81000. They will tell you it don't fit, but it does.

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go to

my 75 ramcharger has a p/n 41169
w/weight dist 1000/10000

i do realy like the draw-tite hitches
i used to work for u-haul(....back in the day ;D)
never seen any fail it is the olny hitch i will put on anything
i own.
easy to install mine clears the fuel tank gaurd

i do not care for the multi fit hitches but that is just
you can search the net and find some fair prices or
go to your local u-haul store

hope this helps
any questions feel free

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