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What grade bolts?

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I'm going to be replacing the bolts on the front spring, front hanger and need to know what grade is already in there? They look like they are grade 5's but the bolt is so rusty that I can't tell? I ask because I have lots of grade 5 bolts laying around, but no 8's if thats what they are.
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When I put my lift springs on back in december the old factory bolts were grade 5. Use either that or grade 8. I like grade 8 myself.
i went to tractor supply and just bought grade 8 bolts when i did my lift.
Anything to do with suspension and steering i would use grade 8 bolts.
For the suspension system, go with grade 8.

If you have a Lowes or Home Depot they often stock grade 8 hardware.

Napa has them too.

1 - 6 of 6 Posts
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