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For authentic mexican you should try Los Dos Milinos at 8646 S Central Av. It is a local establishment that has been in Phoenix a while.

I live in the East Valley so here are some good local eateries -
Guedos - Mexico Baha Style - Chandler Blvd & Arizona Ave
Rigitony's - Italian (awesome) - Arizona Ave south of Warner
Joe's BBQ - Gilbert Rd north of Elliot
Mint Thai Cafe - Gilbert Rd north of Guadalupe
BD's Mongollion BBQ - Mill St & 5th? (ASU campus)

If you go up to Sedona you should ask directions for the Enchantment Resort. It sits secuded in a canyon and the views are great, especially at sunset (which is early because of the canyon). One of their restuarants is fairly reasonable and we usually go for a late lunch.
1 - 1 of 9 Posts
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