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Submitted By: mrpeal
Date: February 10, 2009, 02:35:49 AM
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West Texas Offroad's ******* Ram Install - mrpeal

(Figure 1)​

Figure 2 shows the ram itself. This is the heart of the kit. I cleaned and painted to my
taste as they come black.

(Figure 2)​

Next is to remove anything on the front axle you currently have. As you see I ran dual steering
stabelizers. Remove them and clean up your work area before getting started.

(Figure 3)​

Next it is time to remove your steering box. If you sent yours off for modification (which west
texas does in the kit) then you will already have it off. Figure 4 shows the oem setup, Figure
5 shows new box installed with modified fittings ready to use. Figure 6 shows the kit complete
with hoses. figure 7 shows box mounting brackets after removed. now keep in mind I have done crossover steering. The only difference between stock and crossover would be a bracket
between the frame and box if you dont have crossover.

(Figure 4)​

(Figure 5)​

(Figure 6)​

(Figure 7)​

Figure 8 shows all steering dampers removed.

(Figure 8 )​

Next install the heim joints and brackets on to the ram setup. I recommend threading
them on half way just so you have some adjustment.

(Figure 9)​

Now you will want to make a mock setup of your ram. You will want to tack weld the fixed side
of the ram to the axle tube. Just tack as you may want to remove and modify. After you have
it tacked you need to move steering fully left and right. extend the ram and collapse the ram.
You will make marks on the drag link to see the full extents of the front end travel. After
you have the marks make a mark in the middle of the two.

(Figure 10)​

Fig 11 shows the ram tacked and fully extended

(Figure 11)​

After you have your measurements you will make your tacks and check for full turn capability
with no bind. After you have done this your ready for full weld.

(Figure 12)​

This is pic of it fully welded after measurement

(Figure 13)​

Next you will want to route your hoses either using the 90 fittings in the kit or no fittings
such as I did in the picture below. With taller lifts you may not want the 90 degree fittings
as I wanted my hoses to go up. Now you can plumb the fittings to the steering box itself.

(Figure 14)​

(Figure 15)​

(Figure 16)​

Last after all is hooked up you will fill the system with fresh fluid and start the truck.
Turn the wheel. If you feel any binding you have the hoses reversed. Just swap them and retry
pretty quick and easy fix. This will make life with big tires very very nice and you will have the
effect of stabilizer without haveing one.

(Figure 17)​

One last thing to do after all is done or during kit install. I recommend doing it in stages as all
you lose is fluids. Go to and click on tech. It shows you the modification to the steering pump. This is so so worth it. I did mine and it makes all the world of difference. Just read the instructs on it and it took me less than 30 minutes to do with pump on the truck.
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