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Weird Noise

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I have an 1989 Ramcharger, stock everything....I get this weird thumping noise when I step on the accelorator quickly, for example... if i'm coming to a stop light and its red but changes i resume to the speed limit and get the thumping type noise, but when I let off the accell. for the right speed it sounds fine....Also, i've been noticing a loss of power in my car, it dosen't accelorate as well as it use to.
-Anyone know what I should do???
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Check your motor and tranny mounts to start with.
nmetankrc said:
okay the motor mounts seem fine, but what I did find is that i'm missing a bushing(?) mount, the soft rubbery thing(i dont know what to call it)....the three that are on there look worn out, and the other is missing....could that be the problem?
If these are under your transfer case than that could be your noise. Autozone, NAPA or Carquest will have them and they are sometimes called transmission mounts even though they go under the transfer case.:) They look like this...

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1 - 2 of 9 Posts
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