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Water neck for Edelbrock Performer

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I have a cheap one on my performer intake that continuously leaks. What’s everyone using these day - links would be great!
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Is it steel or aluminum? You can try and run a file across the bottom surface of the waterneck and even on the intake if you are ambitious enough to check it, sometimes that helps a lot. I used a billit waterneck on my old 318 with a Performer intake and it (the waterneck) was made for an O ring gasket.
the billet specialties one is the best I think there is.
That’s what I ordered.
I have a puddle of antifreeze on intake from sitting all winter. :(
I just installed a Jegs 'magnum' thermostat housing on my Edelbrock 7577 magnum intake and I like it a lot - it's an o-ring gasket, and for a bit of extra assurance I used a smaller square-cut rubber o-ring between the top side of the thermostat and the Jegs housing to secure the thermostat itself tight in the housing - otherwise the thermostat itself is just a tad 'loose' when the Jegs housing is tight -

JEGS 53251: Magnum Thermostat Housing For 1-1/2" Upper Radiator Hose - JEGS

while you're at it, have a look at these better Gates bypass nipples I discovered -

My extensive experience with this (I must've gone through 6-7 water necks on 3 engines) is that factory cast will seal fine. Anything chrome will leak. The O-ring units work well if you want better looks over a factory-type casting and sealing. I wanted to use a decent size thermostat and had to have the inner diameter machined out a little bit to still hold the O-ring but fit the thermostat. The JEGS one looks like a different inner design so I can't say, but the O-ring should hold a good seal
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^^^^^^ "Anything chrome will leak" ^^^^^^

Yes this has always been my experience.

Alright, back and well speechless. I picked up billet water neck from Mancini Racing. The o-ring style. It’s junk just like the one that I had on it before. It’s not sealing on these extra holes that Edelbrock put in these intakes. Pretty bummed how stupid this whole project has become. Can I fill those holes that Edelbrock put it in? I don’t know what else to do outside of just never drive it again. Seems drastic but…what else do you do with something continuing to leak antifreeze everywhere.

check water neck flange for straightness, same for the boss on the intake. If that isn't the issue, use a stock water neck. you can polish it and clear coat it to make it look nicer. gasket and sealer will keep it from leaking.
Is that water neck bolted down tight in the picture because the thermostat inside looks off center and they make two sizes of water necks for the Dodges oddly enough. I'd put a straight edge on the surface to see if it's flat. Did you make sure the thermostat is in dead center of the housing and not protruding into the mating surfaces? My Edelbrock water neck worked just fine on my old Performer intake. I think the part number is 4816.
Thanks to both of you for replying. I was being whinny due to be frustrated lol. I bet you couldn’t tell ;)

So the picture is after I drained the new anti freeze down and removed the water neck to figure what the heck the issue is. It seems from the google machine the extra holes are for heat sensors. It appears the guys on the A body forums are sealing them and the even using aircraft gasket material to create a seal on these water necks.
Is this the one you have?

Is this the one you have?

I think so. I don't have that intake any longer but I think I had to use a Chevy neck. I'll try and dig up some pictures of it.
...It’s not sealing on these extra holes that Edelbrock put in these intakes.
not sure what you really mean - can you show exactly which holes you're referring to? Maybe recap the overall problem pls
Thanks for replying..

So my original question after neck leaked a little on the intake. I needed to replace my power steering bracket so I decided to do these both at the same time give the water jacket and the bolts for power steering bracket.

I have a Edelbrock performer intake. I purchased a new billet o ring water neck.Before installing I cleaned the intake up of all the gasket material. Installed the new water neck. Started filling the radiator and then noticed the leak around the water neck. The top hole on with the red circle doesn’t allow a seal. I am assuming I need to close those holes off to get a seal or find the appropriate water neck for this intake.

That's for the smaller Chevy style water neck I believe, try using those holes instead, of course you need the Chevy style to do it. It still doesn't hurt to use a light skim of clear RTV around the O ring when installing the water neck.
Whichever holes are not used will need filled in.
I had a performer on my 318 and it had the four holes and mine didn't leak. I don't think they go straight through into the water passage, mine didn't at least.
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I had a performer on my 318 and it had the four holes and mine didn't leak. I don't think they go straight through into the water passage, mine didn't at least.
That is my recollection too. I thought they were tapped blind-end holes in the bosses
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