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Water leak in cab

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1985 RC never been wrecked. Hey all. I have a water leak coming from up under the dash by the E-brake on the drivers side and by the passengers right foot. It leaks on both sides. The leaks appears to start far up in the dash beyond eye site and follows wires down to the floorboard. Initially I thought it was the windshield and/or seal. I had both replaced and had the seal trench inspected for rust. Everything checked out great but the leak still continued. I took the truck back to the windshield installer and he double-checked his work. Once again it checked out fine. He performed several water tests and claimed the body/firewall was leaking. At first I was suspicious but after further investigation I agree with his theory. I would like feedback and a reality check on this one. Beneath the front fenders where the firewall panel meets the side panel and windshield panel there is a gaping hole. It’s the location where all three panels meet and are pressed together but leave a small hole. From the factory they tar tape a piece of plastic over the hole. The problem is the plastic eventually becomes “unglued” exposing the hole. As water naturally drips through areas of the body panels some eventually make it down the hole and into the cab. I had a parts truck without fenders and after inspecting this problem area realized the potential for further leaks. This is the only way I can explain my leak and it appears as though it will only get worse as time goes by. Almost everything on my truck has been replaced or is brand new. I am now ready to trick out the interior but do not want to invest the time and money until the leak is fixed. It rains is Portland, Oregon 6 months out of the year. The only way I can think of fixing this issue is by pulling both fenders to properly access this water port. Do you think this is necessary? My second question is what do I use to plug the hole? Should I repeat the tar tape and plastic as the factory did? Silicon? Any suggestions would help. I prefer to do all my own work but would entertain paying a body man to fix this one. Thanks for your time.
Cliff out
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Have a look at Maybe you have the dreaded cab cracks. It's possible that cracks are causing or contributing to the leaks. If you are going to take the fenders off, you need to take a close look for cracks. Does your truck make strange creaking noises every once in a while?
By the way, the bulletin answers your question on what you can use to seal the seams etc.
Good luck. I can relate to the weather there. I'm a few hundred miles due north of you.
I think you have found the source of your problem. I have had several vehicles that have developed leaks in this area. My last fix was a tube of silicone but was only temporary. I had to pull the fenders of and seal the correctly. Plus I had a piece of foam insulation that was suppose to be on the outside of the body running right in the hole acting as a funnel. Your on the right track but the fender will need to come off to fix it right.
Check out the area behind your brake power booster also. Water can leak in through there if the seal is not good. As for your other area you mentioned, maybe cut a piece of sheet metal and pop rivet it in place, using some RTV silicone also.

now i know where my leak is.
The cowl cracks are right on. What a mess. Maybe I should have it done when the entire rig is painted. Thanks for all of your help.
Cliff out
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