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Had a weird Ebay transaction; went like this:

ATI video card, Ebay auction

Radeon HD2600. AGP
This is just what I need for my Linux machine. My old AGP video card won't support the expanded desktop resolution I need. Need a more modern card and I need something cheap!

Normally these go for around $50 or more. (the good preforming AGP cards are expensive!)
BIN price was $25 and free shipping.
The only suspicion thing I see was the seller only had 5 feedbacks but were all positive.

Got it for the BIN price. Paid the $25 via PayPal.

I got an email from the seller stating that his paypal account was screwed up, please cancel the payment and repay. He said just pay him $23 for the hassle.
WOW, discount. I cancelled the ebay payment. The Ebay auction prices is $25 and I can't change that.
I had to make a payment to him for "goods" (outside the ebay channel) so I can pay him the amount I specify. Paid $23. I felt pretty good for about half a second.
It suddenly occurred to me that I was just scammed!
I quickly logged back in to PayPal and cancelled the payment.
I emailed the seller and asked him to contact me when his PayPal account was straightened out and then I will pay for the item in full.

It seems this would be a pretty good scam; have the buyer make the payment outside the channel by offering them a discount. Then you can say "never paid for the item" because no payment is linked to the auction.

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yeah. Sounds possible. I had not used paypal for a long time and since that time had changed credit cards so the pay pal account was useless even though it could still try to make and recieve payments. Sold some stuff on Ebay and the payments would not go through though from the seller to the account.

Tell him your not comfortable with pay pall and youll send a check or money order then make sure you use tracking and signature or some type or MO that has fraud protection.
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