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WAR WAGON - gonna ride again

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this is with the fresh paint last year / it looks better or worse depending on how you look at it / the wife says it looks like crap so thats better


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Nice truck, but wtf is that stuck in the bumper and hood there in the last picture
Yeah, ok, i guess it could be
grizzssly said:
yup its a chainsaw, so he doesnt punch out the other half of the windshield,
Lol ok i got it now
Nice, i need to get some pictures of me and my truck doing that with both front wheels in the air
You can do it several ways Rammin, you can cut and move the factory stuff, and notch the cross member and re weld it all back in lower, you can remove the crossmember altogether and make one you want and how you want it out of tube, or you can use elephant ears on the motor and put it anywhere you want, keep in mind you may also move it back alittle to while your at it, or depending how high you went you could move it back more than alittle
Elephant ears, you know the alum plate that bolts to the water pump housing on a motor and runs to each side of the cars/trucks frame rail, it's not that hard rammin but it will involve welding and some cutting, you could probably do the elephant ear method with just cutting and drilling to add mounts and not have to use a welder
Well actually the factory bigblocks in the a bodies had a different block they used a mount on front of the block, but yes the regular blocks used the elephant ears
Oh you left the crossmember factory then
Well then you could take the mount and cut it at the bottom where the rubber part is, cut out what is needed on the upright part going to the block to make it level again and then weld it to the upright parts of the mount going to the block
No because it is on an angle, and it will change as it lowers, angles are kinda funny, not hard but they move differently, like move away from in away, like if you cut the bottom off and cut the sides accordingly when you welded it back togther the uprights would be off the mount at the bottom part and the top of the uprights would be attached at the center somewhere, and you would probably add in metal like a gusset kinda, you could cut the top and redrill but then you will also be redrilling the crossmember too
Yes you could do that too, or just take that mount off and bring it to a welding shop and say remove an 1.5" from here and weld it back together and then do the same thing with redrilling the slot in the crossmember
I can tell you from experience the biggest angle of concern is the front shaft, after i did my insanely large RC years ago, the front shaft was always a problem, then we started playing with some racing theories and applied them to the truck and lowered the engine/trans in the frame and all was well, now we have some better joints for shafts and stuff nowadays too.
If the nose of the motor points to low it is so easy to lower the rear more, and notching the crossmember is nothing if you have to
Don't you wish the world was a bit smaller and everyone was down the block sometimes
1 - 13 of 95 Posts
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