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Wanted: Looking for a OE Grill Frame, for a 1987 Dodge Ram D100

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Hey there Ladies and Gents. I'm looking for a OE Grill Frame, for my 1987 Dodge Ram D100. The grill frame I currently have is aftermarket, and has some dents, and doesn’t fit the fenders well. I'd like to find a straight OE Grill frame to put on my beautiful RAM, that has been in the family a long time. I appreciate all of y'alls time.
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you got pictures , as far as l know they never made an after market grill frame [ grill yes frame NO ]
Good morning, and thank you for the fast reply. My truck had been in a minor front end collision, prior to my dad buying it in 1990, but he didn’t know that until later. I’ve done some searching on the internet, and some old online sellers had a “meets OE standards” replacement grill frame, no longer available anywhere, that I can see. This grill frame doesn't have the Pentastar stamp, or any of the model numbers anywhere. When it was wrecked at around three years old, I wish they had used OE parts to repair it, but you know how that goes. They repaired it cheap as possible and off loaded it. This grill frame also doesn't fit the fenders well, like the OE ones do, or at least that i've seen on other Rams in person. As you said, I've had to buy an aftermarket grill insert, and headlight "door" trim rings. I knew that would be a long shot to find OE of, as most of them that people are willing to part with, are probably faded, or brittle from UV rays. I'm in the process of getting her straightened out, currently i'm planning on taking my bumper to the local Chromer soon. My goal is to get it as close to original as I can, as I plan to pass this truck to my son one day, as my dad did. Thank you again.
you got pictures , as far as l know they never made an after market grill frame [ grill yes frame NO ]
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I agree with the other comments, the grille you have fits great, they were never an exact fit on any truck.
if you find a place that is even willing too strip the anodized coating off, sand polish etc etc, then re anodize it,...
from my experience it is going to be very expensive, like 500 to 1,000 dollars, not that this is an issue for you
but few are willing to do that, included

I restored a wagoneer and a honcho grille this way
the way I did it was to use "easy off oven cleaner"

it takes several rounds to get all anodized coating off,,...several !!!

you clean grille,
dry grill,
spray on "easy off" oven cleaner,
let sit for 15 to 20, spray the cleaner off and scrub the crap out of it with an S.O.S. soap pad,...
then clean and dry again,....
repeat until all the milk hazy coating is gone

( dont panic if easy off turns black, but don't let it dry, do in shade,...)

you know it is off when you can use aluminum polish like mothers and your rag turns black
then you know coating is off

then, you start off with a coarse sand paper, ( not coarse e-nuff to gouge aluminum but you want it aggressive )
then work your way up to 1,500 or 2,000 grit, going up in coarseness gradually,....

when done,... use mothers billet aluminum polish
and buff with paper towels, yes paper towels,...
it will shine like a mirror,
the more time you spend the more awesome it looks,...
to preserve bride finish use a high quality car pollish and buff off,....

dave in NC:)
Thank you for taking the time to type out all of those steps and instructions. I may just do this and work on the dent I have myself. I'm always up for a project, but as i'm sure it is for you, having the time to do so is few and far between. Thank you again!

Sam in GA
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