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Vin Decoder

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What's J for a weight class in a 79? that's what my vin says (D24JE9Sxxxxxx)
l,m just putting this here till the VIN decoder gets fixed / dont wanna lose it
is there a decoder that gives the options a vehicle came with using the VIN? and is there a site that gives free car historys? (not the typical Carmax scam for $$ stuff)
i entered the vin on 86 d150 in the decoder....came back as a 95 1 ton with a cummins (i only wish).

here is the vin # straight from the title, and have confirmed this with the one on the truck:


Mmy bad, i entered the vin wrong!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Wow, that's really cool. Now where do I find the paint code?
1 - 8 of 8 Posts
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