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ok, as we are getting dangerously close to Ram Jam time, we need to get all of our plans set in the same direction....

CAMPING: to make sure we have a pavillion for 1990RamMan and the soon-to-be Mrs. ;) we need to prolly look into Randolph State Park. it has the room we'll need, showers, power sites for the RVs, and tent sites for the rest of us. Plus, it's very close to the ORV park (especially for Tracks).

HOTELS: i have no idea. whoever is hotelin' it, enter your $.02 here.

i just want everone to get the same ideas and places so we can see each other as often as possible, not just on the trails. is this cool for everyone? if so, i'll try to hold as many sites as i can when we go down there May 24th. gotta know soon. thanks!

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Bigbird said:
I don't know if I am going to be able to bring my RC to Ram Jam. I don't have anything to tow it with. If I find a tow vechicle I'll be there Friday morning. If I drive the car I'll be there Thursday late afternoon/early evening. I got a 25 hour drive but I WILL be there either way.
how big is it, how heavy is it, do you have a trailer to put it on?
Bigbird said:
I got 8 inches of suspension and 3 inch body lift on it. I think it weighs around 6500? I probally could get a trailer. What ya got in mind?
well let me put it this way I have a W250 diesel with a class 3 hitch, and willing (looking for a good reason ;)) to go up to a class 5, or I will need to barrow someone weight dist. system. I'm in the process of building a 7k trailer and hope :p to have it done by then, but I don't think it will be :-\. Are you planning on bringing anyone else?
BB If I can the next question is can we get it all together. Can you drive it on the sreet at all? Are you planning on meeting everyone in PA? My trailer will just handle it at 5k but I'm not sure it will be road ready PA is the biggest pain in the a$$ with home made trailers 6 to 8 weeks to get the paper work done. I plan to bring a few things, so the lighter the better. I'm not sure if my wife and son are going any more but it seems you will have to drive your car. Where are you staying?
1 - 3 of 24 Posts
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