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ok, as we are getting dangerously close to Ram Jam time, we need to get all of our plans set in the same direction....

CAMPING: to make sure we have a pavillion for 1990RamMan and the soon-to-be Mrs. ;) we need to prolly look into Randolph State Park. it has the room we'll need, showers, power sites for the RVs, and tent sites for the rest of us. Plus, it's very close to the ORV park (especially for Tracks).

HOTELS: i have no idea. whoever is hotelin' it, enter your $.02 here.

i just want everone to get the same ideas and places so we can see each other as often as possible, not just on the trails. is this cool for everyone? if so, i'll try to hold as many sites as i can when we go down there May 24th. gotta know soon. thanks!

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I'll be there When the TX-OK-KS convoy arrives. Good lord, that's gonna be a large one by the time it gets to me. I wish everyone could meet in my parking lot, so all my co-workers can see what I'm talking about. They just don't get it ;D Oh well, since I know the way, that means I can lead right ? ;D

Cool deal. BTW, have you even gotten it out of the garage yet? ;D

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