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Submitted By: mid_evil_thymz
Date: November 16, 2008, 11:42:09 PM
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Vacuum Ball Relocation - mid_evil_thymz

In the first photo I show the original location of the Vacuum ball on the tranny cross-member. There are three screws that you’ll need to remove (yellow arrows one not pictured behind ball) It will require a 7/16 wrench or socket for removal.

Next is the location where I plan to move the ball. It’s inside the frame rail under the driver’s door. There are electrical wires (lower arrow) running along the rail and these will need to be moved to make room for the Ball. I moved the wiring to the top of the frame rail and used existing holes in the top of the rail (upper arrow) to attach wire ties to hold the wiring and vacuum lines out of the way. There is a metal brake line running on the rail also but it curves at a 90 to the top of the rail on my truck and posed no problems .

The next Photo shows the wires attached to the top of the frame rail with a wire tie. It also shows the How I marked the holes for the vacuum ball . I used a round soapstone pencil to mark the hole locations. If you don’t have one of those you can place the ball where it needs to be and mark the holes with a black marker or use a center punch and hammer for the holes. I only utilized two of the three holes as the top hole was under the
wiring and vacuum lines.

The next photo show’s the location of the holes prior to drilling

The next step is to drill the holes I did this with a 3/8 Drill motor and a ¼ drill bit

The next step is to mount the Vacuum ball in its new location. There were three holes in the base plate of the ball as previously mentioned I only used two. This is due to the fact that the base of the ball is wide enough that the top hole needs to be slid under the place that you attached the wiring and vacuum lines with the wire ties.

This photo shows the location of the ball after the holes were drilled and the screws inserted. This is before the exhaust goes in.

I did not need any extra vacuum lines for this job and other than some wire ties I didn’t need to buy anything else. Well other than the exhaust of course.

In the next photo I show the final location of the ball with the exhaust installed. I still had to attach the exhaust to the manifolds so it is hanging down on the cross-member. Exactly where the ball used to be.

The last Photo shows the location of the ball from the side of the truck and where it is in relation to the Drivers door.

This is a fairly simple job that could be accomplished in under an hour if the person doing it is motivated. And has sharp drill bits (unlike me ?) Hope this helps someone out I know it’s simple and pretty easy to figure out but maybe if you are out in the Junkyard and you see a truck with dual exhaust you might wanna grab it up. It’s made a big difference on my truck.

Rodney E. Reed
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