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I understand why vac advance in a light load, cruise situation could be usefull (sort of), but I dont understand its function for giving more advance in say a slow uphill climb. Isnt there the stong possibility of too much advance happening in that situation? What would be the recommended amount of max vac advance? I'm thinking maybe it should be less than I used to believe would be good. With the adjustable pot on the mopar dist there is some leeway.

There are several factors that indicate the need for vacuum advance, or having too much. Advance improves lower rpm power. The goal is to get in all the advance the engine can take by around 2400 rpm, again this is relative, not absolute. Case in point: a lower compression engine running full advance (32-34 degrees) will flat out run better than a higher compression engine with less advance (to avoid detonation). If it isn't knockin', it ain't too much advance............essentially.
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