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vacume leaks and cad?

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ok if i got some vacume leaks how much hp could it be robbing me for i heard a figure that sounded kinda high (50 hp)
i dont see how it could that high and also in my 88 i got the cad system and was wondering if in 4 low and in reverse do my front hubs unlock?? and will manual hubs not unlock in reverse? oh yea looking for some numbers (specs) on a good cam that will give me a little more power off the line and low end torque
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If you want to know how cad works, read this:;action=display;threadid=33098
Short answer:
-No, your hubs NEVER unlock.
-IF you put manual hubs on, they won't unlock unless you unlock them.
KEN-E said:
ok mabey i worded that wrong with the cad if i am in 4x and reverse does it disengage Itself or are the front axel still engaged and spinning the front wheels and any ideas for answers in the original post??
Once you shift into 4wd, and as long as everything is working properly, nothing will disengage your front axle unless you shift your t-case back out, it doesn't matter what gear you are in. Are you having problems?
As for the vacuum leak causing power loss, yeah, its not good, you lose mileage and it causes your fuel mixture to lean out. I don't know what the horsepower loss would be though, I'm sure it would depend on how bad the leak was. If you have known vacuum leaks, you should fix them no matter what.
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