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Utah Chapter Spring thing

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I know, it may be a bit early, but the sunny weather today has me thinking spring.

But what should we do? I'm thinking about May as a rough time frame. What do you guys think? Suggestions?

Our Meet-n-greet BBQ last fall fun, cold, but fun. I hope we can get something fun this spring going. Check out the Utah Chapter member list post, we've got a pretty good sized chapter going on, so lets do something! ;D
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KThaxton said:
I'm easy.
I know, thats why you're invited. ;D LOL

I guess this post comes down to 4 choices.

1. An "in-town" meet-n-greet
2. A "out of town", but easy to access, meet-n-greet
3. A 4-wheeling day trip
4. An overnight 4-wheeling trip.

I figure options 3 and 4 would require more planning, and even May might be a bit early for everyone to make those sort of plans. Besides, I figure the first meet of the year should be an easy, causual thing. I like both of Sarge's suggestions/offers. {cool} What does everyone else want to do?
Why yes, yes, mud is for sissys. ;D

That is true however, even in May, most of the local trails will be muddy. But with the amount of snow we don't have right now, who knows.
TheBigSgt said:
Mud for Frickin Sissies my &^&%%#%[email protected]#$%^%^$#@$$$ and farther more *&^&%^%#%%^^%$#@[email protected]$%%^$%$!
KThaxton said:
And maybe one day, if you're all man enough, we could do the Maze/Dollhouse in Canyonlands, if you guys can handle it! ;D ;D
Bring it AWN! {smoke}


I work with a guy that runs Hole in the Rock with his folks/family about once a year. Looks like a cool area.
TheBigSgt said:
We could do a BQ at 5mile pass. Or just a meet and greet BQ. I would be more than willing to host one at Sandridge Park In Roy UT on a sunday.
Well, the interest is still strong for a local get together, we need to do something. Sarge, I think your suggestion sounds like the best one so far. Still want to do it?
It's almost summer time, and we haven't even had our spring meet 'n greet yet. Ok, where are we doing this? Should we make it easy and meet at the same place as last fall, that park in Kaysville?
1 - 7 of 24 Posts
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