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Updated trail plans?

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Any likely plans in the mix for runs b4 Christmas? Things seems to have slowed WAY down in the ole AZ chapter lately.
Hope all is well w/ everyone.
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i know there was some talk of doing trail 42 and the superstitions. Not 100% sure though.

seems everyone is busy this time of year. I'm sure in January everyone will have some free time to get together
It would work out great for me if we could get together in Dec or the early part of Jan, because I'll have the weekends off during that time frame. :D Besides, it will give everybody a chance to show off all of their X-Mas goodies. ;D
Twister and I have actually been beating the Ramus quite a bit, but just around here locally. We've been doing a bunch of Geocaching and it's taken us off the trail quite a bit. But it's usually a quick one or two hour run, though. We're Team Dodge Podge BTW, on that site :)
Camino date is still being discussed. Right now, January is looking like it, but there are some people who think it will be too we haven't finalized it yet.
Would anyone be interested in running Trail 42 on the 3rd? That would be Saturday. Or any other close by trails of choice.
i'll be able to do it feb 3rd, since my truck will be RUNNING!!!!!!!!!! ;D ;D
I've never done trail 42. Do you mean the 3rd of Jan or Feb. If it's Jan I would love to do it. Just let me know who else wants to go and you can count me in. :)
Ya, that would be Jan 3rd, Saturday.
I'd be willing to go on the 3rd. Is anyone else still going?
Nobody else has replied. Jackie and I are going to be at the
Bartlett Lake pay area around 9am and head out to the trail about 0920. It will probaly take 3-4hrs to get through the trail.
Ok you can count me and Monica in. I've never done this trail before and my R/C is sort of stock except for the lift and tires what kind of trail am I in for. Not that I'm scared, ;D I just want to know what to expect. I guess we'll just meet you two there at around 9am.
Doesn't anybody else want to go on this trail run too?
I have to work alternating weekends, and this coming one I'm on so.....Maybe next time?
Enjoy none-the-less,
We'll meet you there. You should be fine, you have enough lift and your tires are big enough. I've seen a stock RC go through it without too much problems.
Crap, I just saw this. Hope it was a fun run. Any pics?

We did the Martinez Cabin/Box Canyon loop yesterday, looking for caches. That will be a fun chapter ride. We'll organize a date to get a group up there soon.
Had a lot of fun, we joined a group of newer Landcruisers. Josh and Monica met up with us half way through the trail. One of the Toyota guys and Josh got there about 15 minutes after we left for the trail. I think the Landcruiser guys got tired of watching "the yellow Dodge" climb over everything they did. The leader said "he makes everything look easy" Had some rain and mud today. Josh, Monica, and Becky {Monica's sister} came over and we barbequed after. Happens Josh was visiting his parents in Mesa and they live about 6 miles up the road. Shot lots of video, Jackie drove the 1st half of the trail.
Oh ya, we broke the hood latch all the way. I just wrapped it in safety wire and it held fine. I need to weld the hood to repair it. I'll just replace the hood for now.
Trail 42 was an excellent trail run. That trail was just another reason why I need a locker, at least in the front. ;D As Joe said we didn't catch up with them until midway through the trail, but we still had fun. There was one part on the second half of the trail that Joe didn't get on video and I wish he did. Joe was coming through a rocky creek bed and with some large boulders near the end and when he punched it to climb over he caught some air and ended up sideways. :eek: It was something that you just had to see.

Anyway I just wanted to thank Joe and Jackie and the rest of their family for their hospitality and excellent food yesterday. I will find some way to return their generosity and kindness. Thank You... :)

By the way I'm off next weekend too and I'd be more then willing to do another trail run. If anybody else wants to go I'm open to suggestions, maybe one of the trails that GP just did. What do you think?
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