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Updated Power Ram pics

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My new toy.
(Sorry for the link only, I can't seem to embed image files here).
Thanks for looking, and HAPPY 4th TO ALL!! ;D
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BTW, if anyone could help with embedding pics here it'd be much appreciated!
Thanks for the pic.
I thought I understood that it was possible to embed a pic here from another website (just like you have done with one of my pics) but I can't seem to do it. Ah well. Thanks again! ;D
sharp looking truck! ;D
Hey Ramfreak, great looking truck! Where'd you get the rollbar? I'm looking for one for my 89...not sure where or what brand though.
Well....... It is super clean love the tires love the paint love the the whole teuck....especially the engine
Atothe, JaMes, thank you for the comments and checking it out.
Atothe, I'm sorry I can't help you with the was on the truck when I bought it. I can't find any kind of label or insignia indicating who made it. This is the first truck I've ever had with one, so I don't even know where to begin looking for them. Hopefully someone can reply with an answer?
Anyway, thanks again. ;D
Where do you get the Mickey Thompson Valve covers?

Sweet truck btw. I love short box, regular cabs.
Hi Smokin.
Those are original MT valve covers. Not sure if you could even find any like them anymore. I did a check on Google and it seems they are quite a rarity, even on the used market. You may try E-Bay.
Thanks for checking it out!
1 - 10 of 10 Posts
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