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updated pics of black betty!

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here are some updated pics of my truck....she has a new paintjob, new american racing rims on 32's sport kings, a class 3 trailer hitch, duel exaust with no muffler, a rcc sticker, and i think that about it...i am current ly savin up for a lift kit..hopefully ill have it before ramjam! and im puttin the bumper from my 85 on this one with a black push bar.


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i just put these reverse light on the other night..same with the hitch..there were hole already in the bumper to put them in..they really help backin up at night!

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thanks man!
Kick Ass Man{bigeyes} Good luck with the lift.
i see no pics :mad:
"Remote Linking Forbidden" .... yup...that banner looks sweet! ;D

gotta get that link workin so we's can see whacha got.
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