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TX Chapter members are awesome

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Me & the wife had a really great time at the river with everyone. Everyone pitched in to make it fun & enjoyable and it was great to put real names w/faces.

An extra big thanks to Brew who seemed to throw in a helping hand every time it was needed. I have been used to the wife helping w/things like cooking, setting up camp, etc. Since this was our first trip w/the baby, she had to watch him a lot and Brew volunteered many times when she couldn't (even got in the knee deep nasty stuff to hook a two strap to my truck)! THANKS BREW! ;D

Also, everyone was so generous in bringing food that we had LOTS left over. Part of this was due to the Lumpia (sp?) that Glenn's wife made; it was so good everyone scarfed a bunch!

Can't wait until our next meet!

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Glen's wife did an awesome job with that lumpia. I don't like cabbage myself, but that was great. I might have to learn how to make it myself.
I could live off that stuff, eat it nonstop. Of course, I'd weigh about 3,000 pounds if I ate it all day, but I'd be happy until my arteries clogged. lol
Yeah Brew was very helpful and generous. Even gave me a cigarette and a chair to sit on. What more can you ask for! ;D Him and his wife even made us breakfast which was so awesome cuz waking up that early i have to eat something or i'll puke if i don't. So thanks to Brew and his wife for that. Oh yeah and thanks to his Kids especially his daughter who helped me with the dogs. That was a tremendous help considering that we had 5 DOGS!!!! ;D
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