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True dual exhaust

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By true dual exhaust, I mean headers down to indivudal cats and mufflers and out though individual pipes. Would the extra expense of doing this, instead of dual to single to dual, really be worth the money. How about on gas and hp? Does anyone have true dual that used to have "fake" dual-- is there a difference?
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Ive got dual 2 1/4'' into 2 2 1/2'' cherry bomb glass packs with no tailpipe (end of pipe just behind cab under truck) but the only reason I did this was to make it loud and its plenty that, almost to loud cant hear my music at 70mph on the highway, oh well guess I'll just have to suffice with makeing those 4banger motors sound like toys :)

I plan on getting some headers into a dual 2 1/2'' or 3'' with some flowmasters just for kicks and giggles. And meaby more loudness :)
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