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True dual exhaust

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By true dual exhaust, I mean headers down to indivudal cats and mufflers and out though individual pipes. Would the extra expense of doing this, instead of dual to single to dual, really be worth the money. How about on gas and hp? Does anyone have true dual that used to have "fake" dual-- is there a difference?
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Like most things you will have to change other things on your motor to gain the full benifit of a true dual system. For best effficiency you will want a x or h pipe in there as it helps scavange exhaust out from the opposite cylinder bank. Will cost a bit more and you will want to consider the extra work involved with removing all of that xor h pipes if you have to drop the tranny, or x case.

My two cents...go for it! shop around you will probably find a wide range of prices for the work. If you really want the best make sure the pipe benders are using a mandrel machine so the pipes don't get pinched down in diameter with each curve.


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