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Here's my truck. I got it free. It didn't look like this at first. It was wrecked and completely neglected inside and out. The bed was wasted so I got rid of it. I work at a truck equepment shop so Iinstalled a flat bed on it,built an ICC step bumper,receiver tube,trailer plug,and mud flaps. The front bumper was crunched so I built one out of 6" channel.The cab was in terrible shape. The roof was rusted through and caved in and the passenger door was smashed. With alot of help from our in house painter/body man we rehabbed her. I also did a ton of interior work, new floor boards, new carpet, new window motor gears, new ignition switch. Oh yeh and a kich ass paint job. Bad thing is I know little about engine work,but Im learning quickly, so I'm counting on you guys for advice
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what year is it dude? and welcome to the site. have a look around and hope that the ppl here help you with your project. is it a 2wd or a 4wd? any suspension work done or planned? the pic doesnt work but if you email it to me i can post it for you. any other info ya go on it? what kinda motor it got? oh yeah, one more thing. check the MO chapter board for some more local info and member stuff.
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