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transmission cooler?

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What's involved in the installation of a transmission cooler on my 88 rc 318 tbi? Are there any disadvantages to a tranny cooler?
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step one, place cooler in front of radiator.
step two, fasten the cooler. i use thru-radiator zip ties.
step three, hook up pressure line.
step four, hook up return line.
step five, crank truck, put in neutral, check for leaks.

i think thats about it.

i did yes. there is a port on the tranny, i believe on the passenger side but not sure. i also installed an auxillary filter and mounted the sending unit for the gauge there. i think this gives an inaccurate reading and will be moving it as soon as i find the correct port on the tranny.

i unhooked both lines going into the radiator cooler, put the truck in neutral, and turned the motor over just enough to pump out enough fluid to see which was which. on my 89 318 the pressure was the passenger side, the return was the drivers.

1 - 3 of 9 Posts
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