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I was at a car show today( I know I know I say I avoid them, but the Supermarket was in the same lot and I hate shopping :p ) my supervisor had a Camaro in the show. I didn't know he had one, and he doesn't want people at work knowing he has it. Where I work is a very gossipy rumormill , add to that a murderer still owns it and it's family business and there is all kinds of in house arguing.
He had to take out a second mortgage on his house to pay for it.
According to him, it is one of 30 prototypes built ,but was not used in the first movie.Dealerships had to go in a lottery in order to get one for their shop. Now through alittle research I see you can buy a Transformers package.But he has authentication papers indicating it came from where he is saying it did, as well as a " T " in the VIN designating it Transformers and not just a package you can buy for 995.00.
So can anyone shed some light on what is the truth? I did some google searching but can not really find anything.Maybe I'm just looking in the wrong place.
It's not that important, I'm just curious.
Here are the pictures.
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