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Trail Ride this Weekend 10-11

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Monica and I have been talking to Joe and Jackie about going on another trail this weekend. I was wondering if anybody else wanted to go along? So far we haven't decided on a trail yet, but I've been reading this trail book for Arizona and there are several really good trails to do.

Here are some choices:
The northeast Phoenix area has Bulldog Canyon which is a moderate trail. It's between the Bush highway and Idaho road.

Reno Pass is rated difficult and it goes between HWY 87 and HWY 188 which will exit near Punkin Center.

Farther North is Sunflower Mine aka National Mine (Trail 43).

The Florence Junction area has several good trails as well.

Montana Mountain is rated moderate which starts and loops around near Queen Valley.

Some good Moderate trails are Walnut Canyon, Box Canyon, Coke Ovens, and Martinez Cabin.

More Difficult/Extreme trails (Perfect for Joe and GP since they both have lockers) ;D are Ajax Mine, Woodpecker Mine, Martinez Canyon, and Jack Handle.
However the book I have says that Jack handle is very tight even for jeeps. The writer said it is more suited for atv's.

Most of these trails connect to eachother so depending on where we go we can do several trails in one day. My RC doesn't have lockers most of the difficult trails may be beyond my capability, but I'd still be willing to go. :D There are several trails that recommend lockers and those I can probably do, however there are other difficult trails that say lockers are REQUIRED. :(

Well so far I think it's just Joe, Jackie, Myself and Monica, but we are still hoping that more people will decide to go. :) and like I said earlier we haven't picked a trail yet so feel free to shoot out suggestions. Hope to see ya out there. :D
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I just have to give the truck the once over and I'll be ready for the run. I replaced the hood already
you guys are really making me miss my truck. One month from now or less i'll be ready to wheel
I've been wanting to check out the Coke Ovens.
Duffy, the coke ovens sound like fun I've been wanting to do those as well. If you still will want to meet us just give me or Joe a call, if you haven't done so already. My cell phone is 928-713-4998 or Monica at 602-999-9598. ;) Sorry about the late post I hope you still want to go. :)
ome good Moderate trails are Walnut Canyon, Box Canyon, Coke Ovens, and Martinez Cabin.
Crap-a-tola! We'd love to do these but I worked this weekend, and I gotta work next weekend too! How about the 19th? I'm finally off on that day.....

Colossus_Ram said:
Sorry about the late post I hope you still want to go. :)

I had to work last weekend, Saturday AND Sunday :p I have no clue as to what day I'll have off next.
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