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tornado fuel saver

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does anyone have one, and if so, does it work/ how well?
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Just my .02¢ but Ill include it anyway.

I can see the theory behind these, causing the air to swirl. In a perfect world, the air would keep its turbulance up all the way to the cylinder. The fuel would most likely be able to stay atomized (sp?) better.

But, in the not so perfect world, we have butterflies in our carbs and throttle bodies. Even at WOT, with the butterflies completely open, the small wall (butterfly) is going to disrupt airflow. Think of any other throttle position. The air might spin up to the carb/TB but after that its going to do what it wants.

Ohh, the perfect world. No rust, impeccable factory paint, 500 hp and 45 mpg. :D
1 - 1 of 10 Posts
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