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Too much fuel? Was no fuel?

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I recently picked up a new toy (`77 ClubCab 360/727 with 71K original miles). Anyway, I played with it a little at work before I dared take it on its first voyage in almost three years which also happed to be a 20+ mile trip. When I first got it the guage read empty on both tanks and we actually had to put some gas in it for it to even start. After it was running I took it to the gas station and put 1/2 tank into the second tank.

Well, about a month or so passes and I finally dare make the trip, only to my horror to have it stop five miles shy of the house. When I died it acted like it was out of fuel so I passed it off as clogged fuel filter and had it towed home.

So about a week passes with me playing with it every night when I get home from work. I brought it home to give it a major tune-up and to replace some parts that were broken (like my odd bank exhaust manifold, it was in three pieces). I went so in-depth as to even clean out the heat cross-over in the intake and lubricate the block-off plate in the drivers exhaust manifold. Last night I got it all back together and decided I would see if it would at least fire up since I was going to do a fresh water flush of the cooling system. If it was the fuel pump (I replaced the fuel filter just because) I didnt want to have plain water in it and freezing temps. It didnt start on its own, but would if I gave it a shot of starting fluid.

Today I pick up a fuel pump and replaced it when I got home. The old pump did create as much suction if I manually pumped it with it out of the truck. Oh well, put the new one in since I have already bought it. I did manually push this one as well just to check.

So, with all the new parts on the truck I was ready to fire it up again. Gave it another small shot of starting fluid because I knew that the fuel wouldnt be right to the carb off the bat, but would probably pressure quickly. I got to the point of feeding it fuel instead of starting fluid and it would run.

The bad part, the little clear fuel filter is still dry as a bone inside. What are the chances that there was a load of goo on the inside of the tank that actually found its way to the pickup? Trying the main tank gave me the same results but if it is as low on fuel as I think it is, the gas might not even be reaching the pickup.

The only two things I can think of that would be causing this problem would be something icky plugging the end of the pickup, or even worse the little dish that moves the pump is free and spinning never letting the pump build any pressure. I didnt think it was possible for that little dish to even get free without other, much larger problems that I would have to deal with.

Before this problem occured it had already seen a new cap and rotor, wires, plugs, a carb rebuild, a oil change and I set the timing (but messed it up when the truck died). The PO replaced the exhaust before he passed away in `00, it has seen maybe 6K.

After the problem, it has recieved both intake manifold gaskets, a new exuahst manifold and gasket, the kickdown was hooked back up, all of the hoses were replaced, the heat crossover was cleaned, the exhaust blockoff was lubed, a new fuel pump, new fuel filter, and new motor mounts.

Ideas please because I am now lost. :-\ :\'(
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check out the lines are they pinched anywhere, are u getting fuel out of the pump, u sd fuel filter was empty, when u changed it was there any in the line right there or the filter for that matter....before u drop tank just do a real good visual inspection of everything, is it possible the line from pump to carb is clogged or not hooked up
well. if the pump-carb line wasn't hooked up it would be spraying fuel every which way. if it was clogged, the pump would still be pulling fuel up to that point, and there would be gas in the filter. i would look towards some sort of obstruction before the fuel filter either in the tank or in the lines. maybe a shot of compressed air down the line into the tank would blow off the crud.

Ya, I know for a fact that the pump to carb line is connected.

Jake, I do like your idea of compressed air. At least it would let me burn off a few more gallons so I dont spill fuel when/if I pull the sender.
Could also have a cracked hose at the gas tank that is sucking air. Use the compressed air trick...also if this is the factory dual tank setup there will be an electric fuel tank selector valve mounted on the frame near the passaengers side. This could be bad, blocked or one of the hoses to it may be bad. Pull the hoses off the solenoid and see if they have any fuel in careful.
Well, I got it to run...for a little while. Long enough to get the truck about three blocks from the house. :mad: Back home it came hooked to the back of my buddies Cummins.

It now sounds like it is flooded, which it could very likely be. I know the timing is all screwed up, but the thing that has be extremely concerned is how if you try to start it and and put your foot into it (without the engine running yet) fuel will build up ON TOP of the carb. It will slowly disappear to who knows where. It does now leak from the shaft that the bottom butterflies are hooked to. :(
Oh ya, to make it better, after I got it to kick over, I filled the cooling system with water to begin its flush. Its currently 31 degrees here.
Sounds like a carb rebuild is in order... after all, you said it sat for quite a while, and that alows old gaskets to shrink, seals to weaken, and accelerator pump plunger "leathers" to dry out.

BUT, I would also blow out all the lines back to and between the tanks (by taking both ends loose and using the air gun, if you blow into the tank, you could stir up worse trouble), and install new rubber where ever there is old rubber line...
The leak from the throttle shaft is what is scaring me, especially since it was just rebuilt (but someone forgot to check play in the shaft :-[ :-X ).

I think it has just pushed my summer mod sooner by a few months.

...the sound of a 4-bbl on a healthy 360, or any V8 Mopar for that matter.
You say its leaking at the throttle shaft...Is this a T-quad carb? If so pull the top cover off and see if its missing an o-ring at the bottom of the (heck I don't know what they're called?) anyway, there are two "holes" that have an o-ring that sits in the bottom of, make sure each one has an o-ring.
I bought a 77 motorhome a while back with a new (reman) T-quad and it was missing an o-ring! It would leak gas out onto the butterflies, and work its way out the shaft.
The carb that is on the truck right now is a 2-bbl Holley.
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