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I know there have been other posts on this before but I am still mulling this over and kinda puzzlin about some of what Haynes says to do. By the way if you have the links to the other posts on this subject, please post them here to me.

Ok, my Haynes manual says to adjust the throttle rod kickdown(downshift) I have to do the following (on a 76 440 with 727 tranny)

1. warm up the engine to operating temp
2. detach the return spring and remove the slotted throttle rod from the carburetor pin
3. fabricate a small adjusting tool to attach to the tranny throttle lever
4. use a spring to hold the lever forward against the stop while adjusting the linkage
5. loosen the throttle lever and move it down on the shaft so the adjusting tool can be installed
6. with the tranny lever firmly against the stop, rotate the threaded rod end (slotted throttle rod) until the rear edge of the slot contacts the carb pin
7. Install the flat washer and clip to retain the slotted throttle rod on the carb pin
8. Remove the adjustment tool and spring, then move the slotted throttle rod all the way to the rear and allow it to return slowly making sure it returns completely to the forward position.

My main questions are these:

What the devil is the adjusting tool for? Haynes does not have anything for it to do except to have me fabricate it an put it on the lever.

Why do I have to use a spring to hold the lever forward when I can do that by pulling the slotted throttle rod back by hand?

Am I missing something important here? This seems overly complicated for this kind of adjustment.

Thanks for helping to clear up some of my fog here.


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The FSM says almost exactly the same thing. The only tool you need is an alignment pin, which I think is a 1/4" drill bit. Whatever size the pin holes are in the linkage. Yes, you can just hold it with your hand and set the length of the rod. The real test is how it shifts when you are done. Basically, if it shifts too soon, you need to lengthen the rod so you have a little pressure against the shaft that it slips over.

There are three holes in the rear pivot assembly. You should be able to pin those three holes together for the adjustment. Remember, there is also an adjustment down below - which is even more bizarre. Have fun.
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